Manufacturing Solution

Well-suited to make-to-order, make-to-stock, and discrete manufacturing operations, TRAVERSE Manufacturing provides pragmatic solutions to real business problems that can be implemented in a short period of time.

Save time and reduce errors with TRAVERSE Bill of Materials/Kitting, a fully integrated application that allows wholesale distributors, retail distributors, and light manufacturers to define, build and sell kitted inventory items. Set up kits with unique inventory numbers, an unlimited number of components, and globally replaceable items.

TRAVERSE Routing and Resources defines elements such as work centers, labor, machinery, and tooling. Take control with flexible overhead calculation, user-definable shop calendars, flexible costing algorithms, and multiple subcontractor vendor tracking capabilities.

Keep track of the production status for the past, present, and future with TRAVERSE Production. Easily handle lot-tracked and serialized inventory, multiple releases per production order, and priority-based dispatching.

Manage sales forecasts, create master schedules, and balance future supply and demand with TRAVERSE MRP. Optionally use automated generation of production orders, bucketless or user-defined buckets, flexible time fences, and component pegging.

Manufacturing features include:

  • Bill of Materials
  • Bill of Materials/Kitting
  • Routing and Resources
  • Production
  • Material Requirements Planning
  • Inventory

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