Construction Job Costing

Contractors' Job Cost (CJC) from Open Systems, Inc. enables you to control costs with accurate accounting and reporting. CJC is designed for contractors requiring labor, material, and overhead cost breakdowns; certified payroll; and a choice of billing formats - including AIA billing - to gain control of construction projects at every level. With OSAS CJC you can:

  • Get timely, detailed information so you know the status of each job at all times.
  • See every cost a job has incurred, be alerted to excessive costs before they get out of hand, and compare your expenses to your estimates.
  • Minimize cost overruns and save time and data entry costs.

CJC features include:

  • Change order tracking.
  • Job invoicing and cost plus invoicing.
  • Flexibiilty to set up small, simple jobs with one phase or large, complex jobs with many divisions and phases.
  • Ability to evaluate your proft margin by viewing your original take-offs and the revised estimated costs.
  • Flexible periodic reporting with history files for union and worker's compensation amounts.

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