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TRAVERSE accounting software is the business management backbone for many small, growing and mid-market companies. In addition to the full suite of accounting and eBusiness applications, TRAVERSE also offers specialized modules for manufacturing, distribution, service, and not for profit organizations.

Windows users get 100% Microsoft technology with TRAVERSE v11, the next generation of business management software that is built on .NET and SQL Server technologies. It is a solution that adapts to the way you do business, not the other way around. TRAVERSE v11 represents a new approach to business software.

TRAVERSE provides these key advantages:

Proven Microsoft Technology
TRAVERSE is built entirely on proven Microsoft technology, including seamless integration with Microsoft Office and BackOffice products.

TRAVERSE meets the needs of your growing company. This scalable solution can be implemented for one to hundreds of users.

The TRAVERSE application suite delivers a comprehensive set of solutions for your business needs with the best price-to-performance ratio in its market category.

Internet Integration
TRAVERSE includes several eBusiness modules that allow you to easily integrate your back office operations with your online strategy.

Open Source Code
Open Systems provides source code for our applications at no additional cost. This protects your investment and encourages customization to support unique client needs and changing market conditions.

You'll benefit from these key TRAVERSE features:

  • Intuitive functionality
  • Excel-based financial reporting and custom reports
  • Drill down capabilities
  • Graphing capabilities

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TRAVERSE Applications

Current Version: 10.5.9092 (released April 2, 2009)